Video - Riding classic Merc V8-powered coaches: Setra and Neoplan

Videa Autobusy Setra Riding classic Merc V8-powered coaches: Setra and Neoplan

Riding classic Merc V8-powered coaches: Setra and Neoplan

Turn up the volume. On-board recordings of the sound of classic Mercedes V8 powered coaches: two clips on a Setra 215HD and two on a Neoplan Transliner (N316SHD). Bonus: a crazy trucker who hasn't heard of speed limit. I don't have detailed info about the coaches, the Setra is from a late series, having the classic front but big plastic mirror arms, it used to be operated by the German "Touring" before they sold it to Romania, its transmission is an 8-speed manual (too bad our driver started in 3rd instead of 2nd, making the bus shake). I think it's a turbo, though it's not very obvious. The Neoplan is the usual European Transliner, with what I think is a suction V8 (it sure is a Merc V8, I've seen the valve covers). It is coupled to a 6-speed manual (the driver sometimes skipped 3rd: he revved it in 2nd, than moved towards 3rd just to touch the synchro, and went straight for 4th). The images are not exceptionally interesting, focus is on the sound (which is also far from perfect), but I hope that enthusiasts of old buses will still enjoy it. (ps don't comment saying I wasted your time, nobody forced you to watch)

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