Video - New Buses (24 IX 2011)

Videa Setra S417UL New Buses (24 IX 2011)

New Buses (24 IX 2011)

These are pictures that I've tatken of the newest buses I've seen. Included are buses from the Barrie Bus Terminal, GO Union Station Bus Terminal, Timmins Ontario Northland Station, and the old Timmins Transit station. There's even a brand-new Setra S417 TopClass demo bus in this slideshow, along with one of Ontario Northland's brand new Prevost X3-45s, the new Timmins Transit 4th-generation Nova LFS, and some new GO MCI D4500CTs. All of the songs are from the first Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, which I really think is epic! Songs: The Black Pearl, He's a Pirate, Will and Elizabeth, and Barbossa is Hungry. All of these were composed by Klaus Bedelt.

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