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Videa Setra S416GT-HD Kortrijk 2009 - ECW

Kortrijk 2009 - ECW

The Grand Award Busworld Kortrijk 2009 Coach goes out to the Setra 416 GT-HD. The Grand Award Bus also goes to a product from the Evobus stable: the Mercedes-Benz Citaro Low Entry. In the midi coach category, amongst other things the jury succumbed to the abundant on-board facilities for the tour guide in the Otokar Vectio 250T. The Environment Award goes to the hybrid fuel cell A330 FC coach built by Van Hool. The Innovation Award goes to the VDL Group for the wide raft of innovations on board the Citea bus and the Jonckheere SB400 coach. The prizes were handed out to the winners at a reception held at Busworld’s headquarters in Rumbeke Castle.

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