Video - EX ARA BUSES/ Mercedes 0303 and 0305

Videa Setra S417HDH EX ARA BUSES/ Mercedes 0303 and 0305

EX ARA BUSES/ Mercedes 0303 and 0305

THESE PHOTO'S were taken in May 2008. Ex Auckland Regional Authority Mercedes Benz Buses. This 0303 ( Peanut Bus ) Has Been Modified for extra Length to hold more passengers and yes the od one are still around or rebodied into coach tour buses. The Mercedies Benz 0305 ARA Purchased around 300 of these and they were absolute Luxery with air suspension-Power Steering-Automatic transmisson-Seats Facing each other-bell buttons-Pop up roof vents-Engine at rear plus more. PS If you have any ARA Bus Photo's or Video's to share on You Tube this would be great as there isnt much on youtube only German 0305's come up.

303/305 orewa highway



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