Videa - Setra S416GT

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Setra S416GT


Aircoach Setra S416 GT HD Bus Trip Dublin-Cork [HD]

Aircoach Setra S416 GT HD trip to Cork from Dublin Airport. Here we are passing ...

3 minut : 36 sekund
Setra S 416 GT-HD2

Prova su strada dell'autobus Setra S 416 GT-HD2 Drive Test of...

4 minut : 12 sekund
Setra S 416 GT-HD2 - by bustocoach

Presentazione di un S 416 GT-HD con allestimento lusso Video realizzato da www.b...

4 minut : 12 sekund
smart car crash

crashing a smart car to test occupant survivability

5 minut : 39 sekund
Removal and Servicing of Clutch Master Cylinder to Slave Cylinder Connections

This video demonstrates the proper techniques for disconnecting and connecting t...

8 minut : 23 sekund
Coach Euro Test "Coach of the Year 2012"

Coach Test Bus *Mercedes-Benz Travego M *.Setra S 416 GT HD *.Neoplan Cityliner ...

7 minut : 55 sekund
reemplazo de la correa de distribucion

como reemplazar la correa de distribucion

2 minut : 14 sekund